Salt from the Sahara Desert

Salt from the Sahara Desert

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Update: slight price increase as we are now sending all of these salt parcels with the post recomandé to help ensure delivery. We have found this to be much quicker as well as more reliable. 

This salt* was mined in Taoudenni, Mali, deep in the Sahara Desert near the border of Algeria. The salt, remnants of an ancient lake, is mined in giant slabs and then transported to Timbuktu via a two-week-long camel caravan. 

Once it arrives in Timbuktu, we buy and cut pieces of the salt and place them into cases made of camel leather which are hand crafted by artisans in Timbuktu. Then it begins its long journey to you. 

While our postcards are certainly a conversation piece, this piece of salt from an ancient lake in the Sahara Desert, has traveled thousands of kilometers by road, plane and camel -- an extraordinary journey that you initiated with just a few clicks on a website. 

* It is indeed salt, but we are not selling it as a food product, and we are not responsible for anything that happens if you do decide to eat it.


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