About us

Phil and Bintou 

We run the show from Bamako, Mali. Bintou is a clothing designer and the world's best mom. Stay tuned for the premier of her clothing line inspired by the sweet indigo fabrics of Pays Dogon. 

Phil helps run a small auberge and restaurant in Bamako when he is not taking people on scooter trips around West Africa. He also spends a fair amount of time chasing around 6-year old Andre and 2-year old Awa. You can find him at philintheblank.net and scootwestafrica.com. 

Ali Nialy

Ali is a former tourist guide from Timbuktu. An excellent takamba dancer, he heads up the team of guys that write the messages on the postcards in Timbuktu. If you ever want to send him a postcard, you simply need to address it to: 

Ali Nialy, Timbuktu, Mali (see our instagram for plenty of examples that have already arrived)