Where can you ship these postcards? 

Anywhere that has an address that is understood by the postal service in that particular place. 

Can the guides write their own message of their choosing?

Yes, just write [please write your own message] in the custom message box 

Can I send cards to multiple addresses in the same order? 

Unfortunately, Shopify lets us process just one address per order. At this time, you need to create a separate order for each address. 

Can I write the postcards in any language? 

YES!!! We have written postcards in Italian, French, English, Swedish, Dutch, German and Arabic. Bring on the Chinese and Russian!! We are ready :) 

Why is Timbuktu written as 'Tombouctou' on the postal stamp? 

Timbuktu is a city in Mali, a former French colony, and 'Tombouctou' is the French spelling. 

How long will it take for my postcard to arrive? 

Providing a definite timeframe is difficult. While we have found the Post Office of Mali to be reliable, it is not particularly swift. We generally say 2.5-3 weeks give or take a few days on either side. Don't worry, your birthday card will still be appreciated if it is a few days early/late, if only for the fact that it came all the way from Timbuktu. 

What does it mean when I receive an email that says "my order has been shipped?" 

This message indicates that the postcard has already been to Timbuktu and back and is now leaving Bamako. In theory, the most complicated part of the journey has been completed at this point. 

It's been over 4 weeks and I still haven't received my postcard. What do I do? 

If you have not received your postcard after 4 weeks, shoot us a message on the contact page. We will follow up with you, and if we have to, we will send you another postcard.