In addition to supporting our project, you can also support these worthwhile initiatives in Timbuktu and the surrounding villages. 

Sankore Labs - a grassroots group promoting entrepreneurship and information and communication technology collaboration in Timbuktu. That sounds like a lot of buzzwords, but if you ever get a chance to meet the young people behind this project, you will see their substantial impact on their community. 

Timbolo School Project - This Malian-Norwegian partnership is bringing education, community and health services to an underserved village just north of Timbuktu. 

Lazare Mohamed - French/Moroccan photographer Lazare Mohamed has been working to start a community education and health project in Taoudenni, where there are zero state services. You can get in touch with him directly to discuss ways to contribute to the project. 

Hay2Timbuktu - Who would have thought that Hay on Wye in Wales and Timbuktu are sister cities? The community of Hay has been active in supporting a number of meaningful projects in Timbuktu and we were fortunate to meet some of their representatives in person early in 2019.