The abnormally long voyage of certain postcards

Most of our postcards and other items arrive at their destinations in 2-3 weeks from the time that they are ordered. Some of them take much longer, though, and every now and then, they get lost. 

We encourage customers to contact us if an order is taking too long. Often, we send out a replacement.  But sometimes seemingly lost items magically appear after many weeks or even months. Here are a few exchanges with clients who experienced just that. 

In this case, the postcard was a birthday card. It took nearly two months to arrive, but once it did, it arrived on the actual birthday of the recipient. Quelle chance! 


So it seemed that the first package was simply lost, and somehow the second arrived in record time. And then Mark sent me this: 

The first package arrived after 3 months. Was it just sitting in a dark corner of a post office somewhere? Was it sent to the wrong destination? I would love to know the details of its journey. 


While most e-commerce operations are trying to make their shipping as efficient as possible, we promise you a shipping speed of "it will arrive in a few weeks, God willing."

We have no way of tracking our items once they leave Mali. We can only tell you what usually happens. We find it a bit more interesting this way. It's a nice feeling to be genuinely surprised when you open your mailbox. 

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